Past Shows

Particular Relativity: As the Universe, So the Soul

June 1 - August 3, 2018 



Anita Bates        Bre Gipson        Kristine Mays        OFMALIA


Curator's Statement

Particular Relativity: As the Universe, So the Soul is less a themed exhibition of artists’ work than it as a constellation of different Black vernacular practices and the different materials used to express both identity and experience. It is an age and non-linear time-informed articulation of dreams and gender and embodiment that, like the heavenly zodiac belt, is familiar and seems fixed, but is actually unfixed and relative depended on your particular position and location—the location, here, is the bounded space within the gallery walls but the finite space nevertheless contains unbounded variation. This starry pattern links moody indictments of capital and currencies, ethereal destination-less portals through time and space and dealings in richly textured Black earth magic, flirtations with the grotesque and profane, and the sacred geometries of the female form. #blackwomenart #Oakland
Curator, Ashara Ekundayo