Black Women Dreaming: Divine The Darkeness

Black Women Dreaming Opening Ceremony 2017 - photo by Robbie Sweeny

Black Women Dreaming Opening Ceremony 2017 - photo by Robbie Sweeny


Amara Tabor Smith and Ellen Sebastian Chang present

Black Women Dreaming “divine the darkeness”

A Public Interactive Installation and A Private Ritual of Resting Sleep

MARCH 24 – APRIL 14, 2019

Black Women Dreaming is Episode 13 of House/Full of BlackWomen, site-specific ritual performance project that addresses issues of displacement, well being, and sex trafficking of black women and girls in Oakland. Set in various public sites throughout Oakland over a two-year period, this community-engaged project is performed as series of “Episodes” driven by the core question, “How can we, as black women and girls find space to breathe, and be well within a stable home?”

MARCH 24 – APRIL 14, 2019
Art Installation
Created by Alexa Burrell/Shelley Davis Roberts/Stephanie Johnson

Sunday March 24 5:00-7:00pm
Opening Ceremony “blessing of the beds”
Opening invocation: Tobe Melora Correal/Yvette Aldama
Sound Healing: Gina Breedlove
Decolonizing our Dreams: Amber McZeal

Tuesday March 27 6:30-8:30pm
Artist Talk “divine the darkeness and the neuromelanin wall”:
Artists in conversation with Ashara Ekundayo

Thursday April 4  6:00-8:00pm
Dream Writing Workshop with
A-lan Holt

Saturday April 14  6:00-8:00pm
Closing Ceremony Twilight Procession

MARCH 24 8PM – MARCH 31, 12PM 2019
Undisclosed Location, Oakland

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“Black Women Dreaming” durational ritual of black women sleeping, resting, and dreaming over seven consecutive days and nights in an Undisclosed Oakland Location.

This is a private space that intentionally prioritizes the experiences, voices and bodies of black womxn* and girls. *all who experience life through the lens of womxn/girl in body, spirit, identity past, present, future and fluid.