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Ashara Ekundayo



Ashara Ekundayo is a cultural strategist, independent curator, serial social entrepreneur and connector of the urban landscape. Her facilitations amplify the intersections of social permaculture, social entrepreneurship, and social justice.  In 2012, Ashara co-founded Impact Hub Oakland, an innovation incubator and co-working community in Oakland, CA. Omi Gallery was also brought to fruition in this space, lending both creative enterprises to the commitment of social, cultural, economic and political liberation of people of color, women and girls, and the LGTBQ community. In 2018, Ashara founded the Ashara Ekundayo Gallery in Oakland, CA creating a dedicated space to exhibit art works exclusively of Black women. The Ashara Ekundayo Gallery additionally serves as an event venue for cultural celebrations, artist talks, and social gatherings for the Oakland community.

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Ellie Hwa Brumbaum, Gallery Assistant



Niema Jordan, Gallery Publicist    


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Zoé Samudzi, Artist-in-Residence