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Magic Is A Conversation - Artist Salon w/ Mary Lovelace O'Neal & Friends

Join the artists from 'Fruition - Water Holds All Memory" for an intimate and interactive evening salon conversation on creation and identity with visiting scholars, curators and makers Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Lewis Watts, Michelle Lee, Sydney Cain, and Ayanna Bassiouni with Ashara Ekundayo as moderator.

Every Body Welcome!
Limited Space.
$5 Admission with RSVP

Mary Lovelace O'Neal
 is a renowned American artist and arts educator. Her work is focused on abstracted mixed-media (primarily painting and printmaking) and minimalism. She is a Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley. O'Neal's art has been exhibited widely throughout North America and internationally, with group and solo shows in Italy, France, Chile, Senegal and Nigeria.[1] She lives and works in Oakland, California, and maintains a studio in Chile.

Lewis Watts is a photographer, archivist/curator and Professor Emeritus of Art at UC Santa Cruz where he taught for 14 years and before that at UC Berkeley. His work centers around the “cultural landscape” primarily in communities occupied by people of African descent. He is the co-author of Harlem of the West: The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era” 2006, 2017 and “New Orleans Suite: Music and Culture in Transition” UC Press 2013. His work has been exhibited at and/or is in the collections of: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Citè de La Musique, Paris France, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, The Oakland Museum of California, The Amistad Center for Art and Culture, Hartford, Conn and the Newburger Museum of Art, Purchase NY among others.

Michelle Lee is an Artist/author/activist/educator - Working the Roots: Over 400 Years Of Traditional African American Healing is the result of first-hand interviews, conversations, and apprenticeships conducted and experienced by author Michele E. Lee over several years of living and studying in the rural South and in the West Coast regions of the United States. 

Sydney Cain aka sage stargate, is a visual artist born and raised in San Francisco. Her work has been a reflection of an unseen reality we experience. Cain produces works on paper largely using dye, lithography, graphite and chalk as emblems of impermanency and transformation. These specific materials act as ciphers to assist decoding these “unseen realities”. Graphite, as the element carbon, represents the possibilities of forming into new allotropes. Chalk, an a carbon based material, commonly formed from the shells of ancient deep marine organisms acts as a medium of of spiral time theories. Though time and earth assures that all changes through stages of death and rebirth, the existence of that essential matter, is everlasting.

Ayanna Bassiouni is a Visual/performance artist/anthropologist/art director, Artistic director of Silver Scarab Studios, an international artist collective.  BA Art Practice, UC-Berkeley, MFA interdisciplinary arts @ Goddard College.  Her work is currently on display as part of the group exhibiton, "Fruition - Water Holds All Memory" at Ashara Ekundayo Gallery.

Ashara Ekundayo, Moderator, is an independent multi-genre curator, creative industries entrepreneur, and cultural strategist working across spiritual, civic, and social innovation spaces. She offers commentary and social practice through exhibition, project management and presentation through her company AECreative Consulting Partners, LLC and her “collaboratoriums,” Omi Arts Project + Space and Ashara Ekundayo Gallery.  She is the author of 2 forthcoming books, “Artist As First Responder” and “Riot Babies.”


New art works and deep contemplation on cultural considerations centering a collective intraspection on social values, on built spaces, and on harvesting from an eco-system wrought with trauma, "Fruition: Water Holds All Memory" reresents an opportunity to re-member our covenants with self, all Beings, and the Earth.  "Fruition: Water Holds All Memory" features Asya Abdrahman, Simone Bailey, Ayanna Bassiouni and Sydney Cain working across and cross-platform in visual, new media and performance art to amplify new archival models and creation using elements from the natural world.