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"Children of NAN" - film screening + Q & A w/ Alisha B Wormsley

director, Alisha B. Wormsley
:39 TRT

Post-screening Q & A w/ Filmmaker, Alisha Wormsley and Ellen Sebastian Chang

Film Description -

In a dystopic future, Aditi 34 has only known life underground in a lab where she was created with her three sisters. Their maker, the Scientist, keeps them locked away for their "own safety." Her only connection to the outside world is an archive that gives her insight to how they came to be underground. She and her sisters start to have visions of their mother, NANand the outside world and even one another in a different life. One by one her sisters begin to disappear and Aditi 34 must escape the lab, go above ground and search through time and space for her sisters and NAN