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A Sacred Beautiful: The Black Woman is GOD - Artist Talk

Photo credit: KaliMa AmiLak

Photo credit: KaliMa AmiLak

'The Black Woman is GOD' Exhibition Presents 'A SACRED BEAUTIFUL Natural Heritage Hair: An African Diasporan Photo Exposé'



When: Saturday, Aug. 18th 1:00pm - 3:30pm


KaliMa AmiLak & Nye’ Lyn Tho, Photographers

Egyptsia Mcgillvery, Natural Hair Practitioner Collaborator

April Martin Chartrand, M.S., Curator & Researcher


Tickets may be purchased through Eventbrite

Sliding Scale: $5.00-$10.00

Light refreshments will be served


Curator's Statement

The three principal zeitgeist artists of ‘The Black Woman Is God’ Exhibition Presents ‘A Sacred Beautiful - Natural Heritage Hair: An African Diasporan Photo Exposé’ – KaliMa Amilak, Nye’ Lyn Tho, and Egyptsia Mcgillvery establish themselves as cultural zeitgeist spirits; by using the novel visual language of the natural hair movement cultural iconoclasts. According to April Martin Chartrand, M.S., Curator and Researcher for this exhibition, these creative hair iconoclasts create paradigm shifts in consciousness, embody keen sensibilities, and usher in the acceptability of presenting diverse ways of being, through their prolific visual aesthetic lens.

Creating exquisite Diasporan textural imagery, AmiLak and Tho, aspirational photographers, and Mcgillvery, Natural Hair Movement designers embody Ma’atian cultural consciousness, and are paradigm shape-shifters. In essence, these new-day shape-shifters embrace visionary sensibilities, and illuminate the acceptability of presenting diverse ways of existing in the world. Curator, Chartrand posits that the underlying inspiration for A Sacred Beautiful exhibition was inspired by curatorial research of the "reclamation of our hair-itage," the global African Diasporan Natural Hair Movement - birthed in the 20th century, and to bring attention to the dreadful Louisianan 1786 Tignon Law.